Multicolor lip stick cosmetic



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a lip stick cosmetic capable of achieving finish of labial such that complexion is transparent easily without a special technique.SOLUTION: Provided is a multicolor lip stick cosmetic in which at least three kinds of lip stick cosmetics having redness or concealment are arranged in a constant direction, and degrees of the redness or concealment is different from each other gradually. In addition, by adhering separately the at least three kinds of lip stick cosmetics from inside of labial to a contour of the labial, the redness is stronger as going toward the inside of the labial, and is weaker as going toward the contour side, gradually. The multicolor lip stick cosmetic can be coated without the special technique.
【課題】特別なテクニックを要さずに簡便に口唇を血色が透き通った様な仕上がりに演出する口紅化粧料を提供する。 【解決手段】少なくとも3種の赤み又は隠蔽度を有する口紅化粧料が一定方向に配列され、かつ該赤み又は隠蔽度が段階的に異なること、並びに口唇内側から輪郭にかけて、少なくとも3種の口紅化粧料を別々に付着させることによって、赤みを段階的に口唇内側であるほど強く、輪郭側であるほど弱くするように、特別なテクニックを要さずに塗布できることを特徴とする多色口紅化粧料。 【選択図】図3




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