Vibrator and ultrasonic probe



【課題】より簡易に製造でき得る振動子を提供する。 【解決手段】振動子は、上面および下面に電極が設けられた複数の圧電体22を面方向にずれた状態で積層した積層体であって、前記電極により当該積層体の上面、下面および圧電体間に電極層24が形成された積層体と、前記積層体の上面に配置されたグランド電極30と、前記積層体の下面に配置されたシグナル電極32と、積層方向にのみ導電性を発揮する姿勢で配される複数の異方導電体28と、を備える。異方導電体28は、圧電体22をずらして積層することで外部に露出した電極層24の露出部分と、前記グランド電極30、シグナル電極32、他の電極層24の露出部分のいずれか一つの間に配置されることで、偶数番目の電極層24−2,24−2同士および奇数番目の電極層24−1,24−3同士を電気的に一つに接続する。 【選択図】図2
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a vibrator that can be manufactured more simply.SOLUTION: A vibrator is a laminate in which a plurality of piezoelectric substances 22 having an electrode provided on an upper-surface and under-surface are laminated in a state where these are shifted in a plane direction, and the vibrator comprises: a laminate with an electrode layer 24 formed on the upper surface and the under-surface of the laminate and between piezoelectric substances by the electrode; a ground electrode 30 arranged on the upper-surface of the laminate; a signal electrode 32 arranged on the under-surface of the laminate; and a plurality of anisotropic conductive substances 28 arranged in a posture in which conductivity is exerted only in a laminating direction. The anisotropic conductive substance 28 is arranged between an exposed portion of the electrode layer 24 exposed outside due to being laminated with the piezoelectric substance 22 shifted and any one of exposed portions of the ground electrode 30, signal electrode 32 and other electrode layers 24, and thereby, electrically connects integrally both the even-numbered electrode layers 24-2 and 24-2, and both the odd-numbered electrode layers 24-1 and 24-3.




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