Beauty set for improving symptom of aging of skin of neck, and beauty method using the same



【課題】首部分の皮膚のたるみ、しわ、きめ、肌の明度低下などの老化現象を効果的に改善することを可能とする美容セット及びこれを使用した美容方法の提供。 【解決手段】(A)保湿剤、皮膜剤、非乳化性架橋型シリコーン、及び酵母エキスを配合した皮膚外用剤、(B)ケイヒエキス、エラスチンペプチド、ライチ種子エキス、及びL−アスコルビン酸又はその誘導体からなる群から選択される1種又は2種以上を配合した経口用組成物、を組み合わせたことを特徴とする美容セット。 【選択図】なし
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a beauty set for effectively improving symptoms of aging of skin of a neck, such as slacking, wrinkles, texture change, and lowering of brightness of the skin, and to provide a beauty method using the same.SOLUTION: The beauty set is produced by combining (A) a skin care preparation which is formed by blending a humectant, a film forming agent, a non-emulsifiable crosslinking type silicone, and a yeast extract, and (B) an oral composition which includes one or two or more substance selected from a group of a cinnamon extract, elastin peptide, a litchi seed extract, and L-ascorbic acid or its derivative blended thereto.




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