Procédé de production de stratifié fin à formé pour revêtir des surfaces décoratives et stratifié obtenu associé

Method of producing a thin laminate to be shaped for coating decorative surfaces and laminate obtained thereby

Verfahren zur Herstellung eines dünnen Laminats, das zum Beschichten dekorativer Oberflächen zu bilden ist, und dadurch erhaltenes Laminat


A method of producing a thin laminate to be shaped for coating decorative surfaces is disclosed, comprising a support layer for giving the required strength and an outer visible layer giving the intrinsic and decorative characteristics, said layers being continuously laminated after the impregnation of the outer layer with a plasticizing resin. The support layer comprises parchment paper and the outer layer of decorative paper is printed with a pattern reproducing the wood texture or is of a plain colour. The laminate is adapted to coat section bars for the manufacture of door and window frames and casings.




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