Novel drill special for well drilling



The invention discloses a novel drill special for well drilling. The novel drill special for well drilling comprises a drill body, a male connecting head and a clamp holder. The drill body, the male connecting head and the clamp holder are fixedly connected in sequence. The drill body comprises a fixing device and a drilling tool set. The drilling tool set is fixedly connected to the fixing device, the drilling tool set comprises a plurality of drilling blades, and each drilling blade is evenly provided with a plurality of salient points. The fixing device is of a circular truncated cone structure with the diameter being gradually decreased from top to bottom, the radius of the uppermost portion of the fixing device is the same as that of the male connecting head, integrated forming is achieved, and the height of the fixing device is 0.5-0.8 mm. The clamp holder is of an inverted bullet structure, and the bullet structure is movably connected with the male connecting head. The novel drill special for well drilling has the advantages that the structure is simple, the drilling force of the drill is increased through the arrangement of the male connecting head, the drilling tool set is matched with the fixing device, and the effect of effectively drilling wells can be achieved.




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