Method for culturing mushroom under trees



The invention belongs to the technical field of biont planting and particularly relates to a method for culturing mushroom under trees. According to the specific technical scheme, the method for culturing mushroom under trees specifically comprises the steps that a land with one or more of sandy soil, yellow soil, yellow brown soil and purple soil is selected to be used as a planting forest land, soil preparation is conducted on the forest land where mushroom is to be cultured before sowing, furrow making and ridging are conducted on soil of the forest land where mushroom is to be cultured, plant ash and/or wood chips is/are scattered on the soil after disinfection and is/are evenly mixed with the soil of the forest land, hairy and color-changed mushroom strain sticks are taken out of bags and then are planted in the forest land to be cultured, a layer of raw materials containing organic matter is sprayed on the forest land to serve as strain covering matter before sowing, the strain sticks are sprayed with water 24 hours after sowing is completed, then the colors of the strain sticks are further changed for fruiting, and water spraying stops the day before fruiting. According to the method, the forest land which is suitable for growth of mushroom is used for culturing and producing mushroom on the premise that the ecological environment is not damaged, and the yield of mushroom is effectively increased under the natural condition by taking technical management measures.




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