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JP-2014009341-A: 樹脂組成物および重合体の製造方法 patent, JP-2014089753-A: 安全な環境を初期化する命令を実行するプロセッサ、方法、システム及び媒体 patent, JP-2014218450-A: Multicolor lip stick cosmetic patent, JP-2015038352-A: スターリングエンジンのためのロッドシールアセンブリ patent, JP-2015085979-A: ヒンジキャップ patent, JP-2016165138-A: クアッドツリー構造に基づく適応的量子化パラメータ符号化及び復号化方法及び装置 patent, US-2001035713-A1: Self-light emitting device and electrical appliance using the same patent, US-2002074444-A1: Hybird wire winder and seismic cables patent, US-2002090037-A1: System and method for variable bandwidth transmission patent, US-2002164426-A1: Method of adhering coatings to substrates patent, US-2002177867-A1: Manipulatable delivery catheter for occlusive devices (II) patent, US-2002180691-A1: Optical sensor based user interface for a portable electronic device patent, US-2003031383-A1: Method for establishing the position of a temprary on an object relative to know features of the object patent, US-2003074421-A1: Internet access via specific server and via proprietary application for selecting and controlling content: remote and local patent, US-2003088262-A1: Guidewire having occlusive device and repeatably crimpable proximal end patent, US-2003089995-A1: Solid state power amplifying device patent, US-2003097426-A1: Imaging device configuration and upgrade patent, JP-4605499-B2: 有機elディスプレイの封止構造 patent, JP-2011057529-A: Alumina-doped zirconia nanoparticle and method for producing the same patent, JP-2012119079-A: 負極活物質、負極製造方法、負極、及び二次電池 patent, JP-2013544233-A: 液晶媒体のための化合物および高周波コンポーネントのための前記化合物の使用 patent, JP-2014095016-A: ビードエイペックス、サイドウォールパッキン、ベーストレッド又はブレーカークッション用ゴム組成物及び空気入りタイヤ patent, JP-2017067038-A: 燃料ポンプ patent, JP-S6346467-A: Electrophotographic sensitive body patent, US-2002015221-A1: Optical amplifier and optical transmission path patent, US-2002186958-A1: Image reproduction apparatus patent, US-2003058248-A1: System and method for communicating graphics over a network patent, US-2003100638-A1: Surface treating method and surface treating agent patent, US-2003163584-A1: Dynamically sharing a pool of IP addresses patent, JP-5682573-B2: 感光性組成物、隔壁、カラーフィルタおよび有機el素子 patent, JP-2011254295-A: Vibrator and ultrasonic probe patent, JP-2014041884-A: トランス及びトランスを搭載した装置 patent, JP-2014062645-A: 断熱ユニット、断熱ユニットの製造方法および加熱炉 patent, JP-2016501292-A: コーティング組成物 patent, JP-H0750116-A: 遅動スイッチ patent, KR-20100108245-A: 반도체 장치 및 그 제작 방법 patent, DE-256719-C: patent, US-2003101660-A1: Erectable structure patent, US-2003120528-A1: System and method for managing compliance with strategic business rules patent, US-2003142374-A1: Digital camera for image device calibration patent, JP-2009508568-A: ボール・セグメント、及び、機能性ボールを形成するためにセグメントを連結するエレメント patent, JP-2010242970-A: Element which seals or reinforces cavity and method how to adopt penetration element into such element patent, JP-2012107824-A: Double pipe patent, JP-2012501274-A: 複合モジュールを用いた構造物の製作方法およびそれにより作製された構造物 patent, US-2002085000-A1: Rasterization of three dimensional images patent, US-2003047798-A1: Semiconductor structures with cavities, and methods of fabrication patent, US-2003075092-A1: Wide cruise ship or pleasure boat patent, JP-5182435-B2: ポリアリーレンスルフィドの製造方法およびポリアリーレンスルフィド patent, JP-5847581-B2: 表面改質金属酸化物粉末の製造方法 patent, JP-2008298528-A: 光学式膜厚モニター及びそれを用いた成膜装置 patent, JP-2011525008-A: リアルタイムデータ処理のための方法&装置 patent, JP-2015519729-A: 光電変換素子及びその製造方法 patent, US-2002105954-A1: Dynamic update proxy patent, US-2003069430-A1: Substituted oxindole derivatives as protein tyrosine and as protein serine/threonine kinase inhibitors and compositions and methods of treating chemotherapy and radiation therapy side effects patent, US-2003094641-A1: Methods of forming semiconductor circuitry, and semiconductor constructions patent, US-2001005431-A1: Apparatus and method of detecting specified pattern patent, US-2002129085-A1: Inter-partition message passing method, system and program product for managing workload in a partitioned processing environment patent, US-2002160680-A1: Decorative laminate assembly and method of producing same patent, US-2002175474-A1: Tubing seal patent, US-2003010744-A1: Plastic massage bottle patent, US-2003017337-A1: Porous fillers coated with polyalkene patent, US-2003021385-A1: Aperture position adjusting mechanism, gantry apparatus and method of controlling it in X-ray CT system patent, US-2003121093-A1: Portable toilet shelter having improved stackability patent, JP-2011127939-A: Moving body position estimating/tracking device, method of estimating/tracking position of moving body, and moving body position estimating/tracking program patent, JP-2011130509-A: Features for use with advanced set-top application on interactive television systems patent, JP-2011246372-A: Beauty set for improving symptom of aging of skin of neck, and beauty method using the same patent, JP-2013501062-A: 胃腸への影響が減少した即効型ナプロキセン組成物 patent, JP-2013520659-A: 微小物体を空間的に操作するための方法および前記方法を実行するための装置 patent, US-2002107288-A1: Methods of sterilizing with dipercarboxylic acids patent, US-2003030670-A1: System and method of displaying multiple pending notifications in a single window patent, US-2003033399-A1: Interfacing computer system modules patent, US-2003094328-A1: Motor vehicle with automatic transmission patent, US-2003105115-A1: Novel pyridopyrimidines and uses thereof patent, US-2003127732-A1: Resin-sealed type semiconductor device patent, KR-100693665-B1: 프로젝터 patent, JP-5850321-B2: 神経選択的転写抑制因子NRSFに特異的に結合するmSin3Bに結合する化合物の利用 patent, JP-2012172855-A: Air conditioner patent, US-2001021163-A1: Optical pickup device and optical disc device patent, US-2002051248-A1: Automatic surface deviation detector and method of use patent, US-2003115749-A1: Inductive heating of microelectronic components patent, JP-2014513962-A: 多段セルロース加水分解および酸を使用する、または酸を使用しないクエンチ patent, JP-H05236811-A: 移植装置 patent, US-2002091750-A1: Method for dispatching objects patent, US-2002129134-A1: Global load balancing across mirrored data centers patent, JP-2011001424-A: Insulated casting resin for electric appliance, and high voltage electric appliance using the same patent, JP-2011015802-A: Endoscope apparatus patent, JP-2011145129-A: Physical quantity sensor patent, US-2002083316-A1: Boot procedure for optical tranceiver nodes in a free-space optical communication network patent, US-2003003131-A1: Method for manufacture of free-flowing powder containing water-dispersible sterols patent, US-2003003458-A1: High-efficiency microarray printing device patent, US-2003027219-A1: Methods for depositing small volumes of protein fluids onto the surface of a substrate patent, JP-H0230948-B2: patent, US-2002163305-A1: Discharge lamp having capacitive field modulation patent, US-2003009344-A1: Singing voice-synthesizing method and apparatus and storage medium patent, US-2003159661-A1: Small animal and rodent exercise device patent, US-2003065713-A1: Method of printer accounting management patent, US-2003067894-A1: Flexible processing system patent, US-2002140850-A1: Heavy duty pendant with dome guard for dome camera system patent, US-2003037337-A1: System and method for improving the quality of video communication over a packet-based network patent, US-2003105818-A1: Method and system for conferencing using coded marks patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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