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US-2012012539-A1: Water treatment apparatus and method for using same patent, US-2012012886-A1: Light emitting diode, frame shaping method thereof and improved frame structure patent, US-2012082428-A1: Systems and methods to modify playout or playback patent, US-2012082727-A1: Use of magnesium stearate in dry powder formulations for inhalation patent, US-2012118035-A1: Nutrient recovery systems and methods patent, US-2012259823-A1: Partitioning a directory while accessing the directory patent, US-2012292192-A1: Wetting wave front control for reduced air entrapment during wafer entry into electroplating bath patent, US-2012319268-A1: Conductive connection sheet, method for connecting terminals, method for forming connection terminal, semiconductor device, and electronic device patent, US-2013010212-A1: Projector and control method of the same patent, US-2013193555-A1: Semiconductor Devices and Methods of Manufacture Thereof patent, US-2013198941-A1: Textile Laminate Comprising a Barrier Layer Having Elastic Properties patent, US-2013309737-A1: Method for the preparation of 1,3-propanediol from sucrose patent, US-2014112107-A1: Methods and devices for generating high-amplitude and high-frequency focused ultrasound with light-absorbing materials patent, US-2014178263-A1: System and Method for Retaining Aftertreatment Bricks patent, US-2015034054-A1: Plunger valve for a propane carburetor patent, US-2010116533-A1: Adhesive film, connecting method, and joined structure patent, US-2010127662-A1: Control method of battery-system for improving safety patent, US-2010181678-A1: Structure with self aligned resist layer on an interconnect surface and method of making same patent, US-2010332853-A1: Network transmission method, network transmission system and network transmission device thereof patent, US-2011101416-A1: Bipolar semiconductor device and manufacturing method patent, US-2011193174-A1: Multiple Silicide Integration Structure and Method patent, US-2012000580-A1: Corrosion-Resistant Austenitic Steel patent, US-2012127309-A1: Object recognition system, and obstacle recognition system and method for vehicle patent, US-2012217581-A1: Semiconductor device limiting electrical discharge of charge patent, US-2013059422-A1: Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same patent, US-2013143381-A1: Electric circuit chip and method of manufacturing electric circuit chip patent, US-2014367989-A1: Automotive glazing patent, US-2015099184-A1: Lithium-ion Battery Anode Including Core-Shell Heterostructure of Silicon Coated Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanofibers patent, US-2012103192-A1: Aircraft fuel tank ventilation patent, US-2012153500-A1: Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices patent, US-2012161326-A1: Composition for filling through silicon via (tsv), tsv filling method and substrate including tsv plug formed of the composition patent, US-2012190535-A1: Slurry preparation method, slurry preparation device, hydrocarbon synthesis reaction apparatus, and hydrocarbon synthesis reaction system patent, US-2012278228-A1: Method and apparatus for accurate and secure product dispensing patent, US-2013104964-A1: Solar cell and solar cell module and methods for manufacturing the sames patent, US-2014087247-A1: Sealing member and battery comprising the same patent, US-2015024279-A1: Semi-solid electrodes with gel polymer additive patent, US-2010186624-A1: Method of making a pigmented phase change ink with dispersant and synergist patent, US-2010320606-A1: Method for Forming MEMS Devices Having Low Contact Resistance and Devices Obtained Thereof patent, US-44936-A: Improvement in trunks patent, US-2011207243-A1: Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method patent, US-2012199761-A1: Optical pickup device, optical disk device, and manufacturing method for the same patent, US-2013229607-A1: Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2013240836-A1: FinFET Having Superlattice Stressor patent, US-2014098854-A1: Lossless intra-prediction video coding patent, US-2014119947-A1: Sump Pump Remote Monitoring Systems and Methods patent, US-2014374667-A1: Terpene polycarbonate intermediate transfer members patent, US-2015034491-A1: Anode and method of operating an electrolysis cell patent, US-2015087937-A1: Curcumin derivatives for amyloid-beta plaque imaging patent, US-2010251017-A1: Soft error processing for multiprocessor patent, US-2010291471-A1: Novel Cathode and Electrolyte Materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Ion Transport Membranes patent, US-2010332948-A1: Disk array apparatus, a disk array apparatus control method and a program for a disk array apparatus patent, US-2011046177-A1: Therapeutic quinoline and naphthalene derivatives patent, US-2011083360-A1: Immobilized resins for algal oil extraction patent, US-2011113963-A1: High-performance labyrinth type air treatment apparatus patent, US-2011300305-A1: Mechanical sintering of nanoparticle inks and powders patent, US-2012058948-A1: Collagen peptides as immune modulators patent, US-2012236224-A1: Liquid crystal display device patent, US-2012264055-A1: Photoresist composition patent, US-2012296474-A1: Robot system patent, US-2014216632-A1: Method for producing active material molded body, active material molded body, method for producing lithium battery, and lithium battery patent, US-2010117190-A1: Fuse structure for intergrated circuit devices patent, US-2010190125-A1: Transfer jig for bracket or tube, manufacturing and using method thereof patent, US-2010237311-A1: Nonvolatile memory device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2011076456-A1: Lens arrays and methods of making the same patent, US-2011134504-A1: Micro-Electro-Mechanical System Tiltable Lens patent, US-2012321405-A1: Tube sheet grooving indexible end mill body patent, US-2013026773-A1: Ergonomic scoop patent, US-2014038901-A1: Circulating exosomes as diagnostic/prognostic indicators and therapeutic targets of melanoma and other cancers patent, US-2014194756-A1: Biological rhythm disturbance degree calculating device, biological rhythm disturbance degree calculating system, biological rhythm disturbance degree calculating method, program, and recording medium patent, US-2010331082-A1: Mobile terminal capable of providing multiplayer game and operating method of the mobile terminal patent, US-2011039911-A1: METHOD OF INHIBITING NONSENSE-MEDIATED mRNA DECAY patent, US-2011233055-A1: cathode and a method of forming a cathode patent, US-2013317480-A1: Drive assembly for an autoinjector and a method of assembling an autoinjector patent, US-2014135713-A1: Needle guard with an active state and a passive state patent, US-2014328977-A1: Optical readable code support and capsule for preparing a beverage having such code support providing an enhanced readable optical signal patent, US-2010227229-A1: Solid acid, method for preparing the solid acid, and method for desulfurizing hydrocarbon oil using the soild acid as desulfurizing agent patent, US-2010244270-A1: Manufacturing method of semiconductor device and semiconductor device patent, US-2011084397-A1: 3d integrated circuit layer interconnect patent, US-2011230031-A1: bipolar junction transistor having a high germanium concentration in a silicon-germanium layer and a method for forming the bipolar junction transistor patent, US-2012228326-A1: Utility panel for a dispenser patent, US-2012291618-A1: Teardrop lattice structure for high specific strength materials patent, US-2015031521-A1: Sample carrier centrifuge patent, US-2010162566-A1: Tool, tool set and method of setting the pitch of the blades of a model propeller patent, US-2010257448-A1: Object-Based Interactive Programming Device and Method patent, US-2010306669-A1: Instant messaging service with minimized user interface patent, US-2011094233-A1: Combustion Device and Method for Controlling Combustion Device patent, US-2011272670-A1: Nitride semiconductor device and production method thereof patent, US-2011279090-A1: Portable power supply patent, US-2011010487-A1: Health Reporting From Non-Volatile Block Storage Device to Processing Device patent, US-2012201815-A1: Methods of altering bone growth by administration of sost or wise antagonist or agonist patent, US-2010119409-A1: Home Biological Defense System patent, US-2013155883-A1: Method and apparatus for performing frequency scan for wireless systems with variable channel bandwidth patent, US-2013256230-A1: Membrane suitable for blood filtration patent, US-2014000194-A1: Fire rated door patent, US-2014039724-A1: Mobile platform for conveying an nss device patent, US-2010197831-A1: Crosslinkable polymer powder composition which is redispersible in water patent, US-2010244206-A1: Method and structure for threshold voltage control and drive current improvement for high-k metal gate transistors patent, US-2011238303-A1: Land survey system patent, US-2011017354-A1: Materials for the production of ecological ammunition and other applications patent, US-2010274662-A1: Systems and methods for generating advertiser recommendations from users of workflow software patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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